Réveillez-vous by G.G. Alves

You slipped my skin under yours

Yet, wore it like fleece in the depths of winter


Bitter, you hunted for warmth in my sheets

And sipped tea from a cup I carefully placed in your dreams


In those dreams, I know you remember,

When I wrapped my arm around your neck and kissed each molecule of skin you paid for in death


In those dreams, you might have forgotten,

When I spilled my lust all over you and turned you into a sinner


Sweetly, in the dark, I drove

And you discovered the soft abyss

Where lovers live part-time


The real estate was slim, but my fingertips ran through each parcel of your thick, dark hair

And nested in your chest, rummaging

through the baggage, as if searching for a hidden record


After picking and prodding through the dark landscape, I found

The steel door

and I smacked ferociously against it, pushed and pulled the knob, and I flung myself at it, scratched at each and every lock

But you still wouldn’t invite me in


And so I floated mid-air, swinging on the strings of your heart

attempting to pull you into my tender breast yet,

You cut the chords and left me one thin thread


And as I swirled my legs and arms around the strand

it unraveled and split in two,

tangling and tangling and tangling  


until I snipped

the knots.


I woke up,

and you fell back to sleep


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